Saturday, April 17, 2010

From One to Seven

Oh good grief. I missed a whole "guitar Friday". Well, I was busy getting a new computer yesterday. Anyway, a quick (ha!) wrapup of this week:

1. I may or may not have gotten falling down drunk, in my underpants, with a Carnivale mask on, at the wrap party for Day 2. Only video evidence will say for sure.

2. This (from Scriptfrienzy) is actually a pretty good article on writing a screenplay: making your protagonist not suck.

3. I'm obsessed with the Dollygrippery blog. Really? The top scale for a dolly grip is only $40/hour? I always think that the dolly grip and the focus puller are the guys actually making the movie - but dolly makes only, what, $400 a day at the top of scale? And $280 when working for HBO? Sure, when they work for me they should only make $280/day (and come with their own dolly and a nice geared head) but out there in real life? Sheesh!

4. Windows 7 isn't as annoying (so far) as Vista. I'm not so sure about the new way the bar at the bottom works though.

5. Thankfully iDrive saved me and my hard drive from the old laptop. Unfortunately that means you might be subjected to some of the same images from my "pictures" folder that I didn't delete before the backup started. This cartoon may be one of them and I'm too lazy to look and see if that's the case.

6. My new amplifier is "on vehicle for delivery" to the studio but I'm going to be out on Monday. Poopity poo.


Nat said...

If #1 is true, I'm going to be soooo pissed . . .

Andrew Bellware said...

Nat. You lose.