Friday, April 09, 2010

Clonehunter North American Key Art and Trailer - makin'

Over the next five days* we're going to try to figure out the artwork and the trailer for the North American version of Clonehunter. Our distributor suggests a model in I Robot.

And the tag line we're going with is "They were guns for hire—but what about their souls?" Man, I hope that piece of information isn't embargoed because it'll be much easier for me to remember it if it's on this blog. ;-) SO NOBODY YELL AT ME!

Actually, the primary concern for us in-house is to create the trailer materials. I'm nominally opposed to the filmmaker creating the trailer but we're gonna do it anyway. We're basing some of the feel and such off of the overseas trailer (which we don't have the rights to use). The key art itself is being designed in... Jersey City! ;-)

*UPDATE: Five days? Ha! Deadlines keep moving up on me. Now we need to upload this puppy before Wednesday. We'll see what we can do.

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