Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Have Several Important Announcements To Make

Earlier this week I spent over two hundred dollars on the area below my waist. No, get your mind out of the gutter. I bought socks and sneakers. I also bought pants but luckily for you I'm not here to talk about pants.

No. I'm worried about my knees. The "studio" we shoot at (my dad's shop) has concrete floors and they beat the heck up out of my knees. So I went to Foot Locker and the dude sold me on the most expensive pair of shoes I've ever bought. $150 for a pair of New Balance 993's. Yup, on my feet they were by far the most comfy. You can find them for $86. I just might do that next time (in a year?) But my knees thank you, New Balance 993's.

In the exciting world of socks, KMart no longer stocks the Texas Steer socks I like. So I think I've moved on to Thorlo socks. You do understand the importance of all this news.

Living forever
Takes less time than you think.

I just love that tag line.

Finish your day with a baby kangaroo.


David Ian said...

You are so darn cute.

I'm at an open-ended temp gig where they don't allow e-mail but do allow internet. Sigh.

Karen and I MIGHT be able to come to the party Saturday after all!! Right now, that's the plan. She surprised me by booking a romantic dinner res' in Hoboken post-your-party, so the plan is/was to come.


Karen met with the doc's this week, and they said Baby Lee may be coming sooner than expected. Much sooner. So...Maybe you'll see us. Maybe not. Maybe you'll see us and the head.



Andrew Bellware said...

When your kid gets older and wants those really expensive sneakers? Just buy them.

Come to the party! I'll start boiling the water now.