Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Today Will Have a Big To-Do List

Frank Roche just loves performance reviews. We should have more of 'em. Actually, all our competitors should do them. Regularly. I think once a month will be just fine.
You know, for $200 I could get a Basyn controller. Disadvantage? I have trouble visually "reading" the controller as a keyboard. Advantage to getting a set of Hammond pedals with a Basyn MIDI interface? Well, the Hammond will be bigger and more ungainly to drag around to rehearsals and such.

But the real trick is: what will I be controlling with the pedal? A little computer with some sort of software and a MIDI interface? But what? And what?


Digital Anarchy is no longer recommending EEFX for greenscreens. Apparently EEFX is having some quality control issues and "communication" issues with their customers. That's too bad. We got our big and our medium - sized screens from them. Well, we got ours. Start the car.

Oh, Digital Anarchy recommends

Digital Anarchy has some free background images.


Frank Roche said...

Andrew, that is so funny. What a good angle -- all our competitors should have performance reviews. Classic!

Andrew Bellware said...

You're right. I think they need performance reviews once a week. Every Friday. ;-)