Saturday, April 24, 2010


The Pushkin cat obviously feels much better now that he's on the new drugs. He was harassing the kitten to play with him. I think he actually wore her out.

Today's to-do list includes

  • Delivering surround mixes of Alien Uprising and Solar Vengeance.
  • Delivering paperwork for Clonehunter.
  • Delivering the materials to make a trailer for Day 2.

They're pretty much all due tomorrow.

So not only do I want a geared head, but I want a doorway dolly. And someone to push it. And love and peace throughout the world. I'm gonna get my wishes. Just you watch.

I bet that Matthews is better, but David Frey turned me on to Grippage Plus (through a Craigslist ad) and they have doorway dollys. Anybody ever used one? A used Matthews is probably better.

Building a paper mache wall (via Tim)
<a href="">Mutt Test 4 by Tyrannosaurus Mouse</a>
That's the latest test of the Mutt. Volumes are dimed, inputs are bridged. Les Paul Custom with bridge pickup.


Kangas said...

btw: this has nothing to do with your post, but you know actors so I'm telling you here. A director buddy of mine is having auditions in a couple of months for his new horror flick.

Me and a couple of other local directors(but really, who gives a shit about those tools? I'M gonna be there!) are going to be sitting in at the auditions 'cause we're always looking for talent.

You can find info by going to:

and clicking on the 2nd link.

Hey, enough about me. Isn't it time you posted more video of men's naked asses?

Andrew Bellware said...

But when are the auditions? Where are they? I'll be happy to blog publicly about 'em. ;-)