Saturday, April 24, 2010

That Explains Everything

Do yourself a favor. Don't watch this video. You will see Tom Rowen's fuzzy ass more than once. I'm warning you. This is David Frey's cut of the Day 2 "party video". More outtakes. More cursing. More... I don't even know what.

1002 day 2 partay from Ralph Boswell on Vimeo.

"I’m going to hell just for talking to you today." Bloggess. Cracks me up.
So your local Mad Pulp Bastard, Mr. Bill Cunningham, wrote a post about another dude's take on indy film. The short version is: Mike Ryan says "We filmmakers should do whatever we want and not worry about whether anyone wants to see it, that's not our problem". Bill's response? "No."


And it reminded me of this post by the Matriarchal Script Paradigm (via Josh James). In it, "Ralphy" observes:

I think writers believe that by eschewing genre entirely they’re developing their own voice and giving the reader something that is uniquely them. Unfortunately, just the opposite is true. Most of these scripts are identical in tone, so, voice-wise, they all “sound”/read the same.

Wow. That so explains most of the scripts I've seen. Or plays I've worked on. And it explains a lot of indy film.

My complaint about indy film is how much of it is simply boring and un-inventive. Big Hollywood studios put out movies with much more daring "looks" to them than the average "indy" picture (which is frequently lit like a sitcom).


Nat said...

Boy, that video really sums up what it's like to work with David, doesn't it?

Andrew Bellware said...
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Andrew Bellware said...

Yeah -- or me. I sound like I'm just exasperated from herding cats all day long! ;-)

Kangas said...

Best line, and I hope you somehow worked it into the movie:
"I have a 13 inch penis. I just didn't bring it today."

Also, my captcha is:

I'm now sure what it is, but it sounds cool if you pronounce it swiftly and like this:

I am not drunk either.

Andrew Bellware said...

What's even more surprising is how NOBODY is reacting to him saying that. I think you can see that most of the cast was just talkin' trash and nonsense EVERY time they were off-camera.

And I AM drunk! ;-)

Anonymous said...

At somepoint Drew, we will have to work in the other 25 minutes of antics, outtakes, smack talk shenanigans. I tried to pick 5 of the best minutes, but there was a lot that came in at a close second.

Andrew Bellware said...

Were we spending any time on this picture actually making the movie? When?

I guess I was drunk for that part.