Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today in the Pandora Machine

We've delivered the materials to make the trailer from in Day 2. Our distributor will be taking care of that. We've also updated all our licensing agreements with them so that they (and we) actually have contracts that haven't expired.

Also, I delivered surround mixes of Solar Vengeance and Alien Uprising for a buyer who actually wanted them. Very exciting.

We were scheduled to go into production in three days on Earthkiller but we've run into a snag regarding the sets. We're not exactly sure where they're going to end up, and it's going to take at least two more weeks to work that out. A good director would take this time to do another re-write of the screenplay. But I suck so I don't have to worry about that. Oh, OK. I'll work on it...

I have other scripts to read and work on and I just haven't got to them.

This is the latest version of the Tyrannosaurus Mouse logo. Our drummer, Lou Clark, is the official "mouse illustrator". The "T" came from Old Books.
<a href="">Mutt test 5 by Tyrannosaurus Mouse</a>

I love my new amp. When I play with a band my timing mistakes seem like choices! ;-) This is a pretty straightforward recording. Les Paul into the Mutt, mono recording.

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