Sunday, April 11, 2010

I've Been Told I Don't Blog Enough

Ha! Seriously, nobody's ever said that. I've been told that about as much as I've been told "Post some more pictures of amplifiers!"
Today David Frey, giant among men, delivered the new picture edit to the Clonehunter North American trailer. I was expecting to have to do a couple things to clean up the trailer. But I dunno. It looks pretty good. His picture might very well be final picture.

What it isn't is final audio. You see, we had a little problem wherein we didn't have the rights to the edit or the voiceover or the music for the Clonehunter trailer for North America. So we have a deadline of Wednesday (used to be Thursday but of course it got moved up a day -- well it got moved up like four or five days but I said "No way!" and now we're back to Wednesday - I hope to deliver on Tuesday. You know how it is)* to put the trailer up on our distributor's... uh... distributor's** site. Or something. I just do what I'm told here.
The Red Giant tutorials are actually pretty useful -- even the ones which are product-specific. Here's one on a nice Death Eaters effect.
Bill Cunningham on triangular composition. Much pulpy goodness included.

More on triangular and other kinds of composition here. Of course, many of the kinds of composition described can ultimately be described as "triangular" but go with it.
In the meantime, here is the world's most French dude explaining what a Penelope with a "digital mag" would/will be like:

*You know what? No. The original deadline, and I'm looking at it here, was freakin' the end of April, not the middle.

**Or their "jobber" or... I don't even know what you call them. Our distributor sells through a bigger distributor -- whatever that is. This is a fairly typical situation I just don't know what to call the distributor's distributor.

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