Friday, April 23, 2010

Last Stop on the Crap Train

Lord, I love the reviews we get. Here's one by Scott Shoyer. He slags out the hatin' on Alien Uprising along with a Billy Zane picture and a NuImage movie in his "Shitty Sci-Fi Roundup". I'm still laughing at this quote:

"It was like watching a puppy swallowing lit firecrackers."

I really think we should put that as a pull-quote on the boxcover.

We scored 0 out of 10 skulls for gore, and 0 out of 5 brains for zombie mayhem.

(I always wonder with these things -- who are they talking about when they talk about "TERRIBLE acting"? I think, well it can't be Jeff Plunkett or Steve Deighan... and then I realize that no, it's just not a terribly sophisticated reviewer. It's the fact that none of the actors are famous that's the problem. This is an issue we're saddled with in getting a SyFy Channel deal -- because we don't have name actors, they aren't "good". Which is just silly. Oh well.)

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AnythingHorror said...

My designating a performance "terrible" has absolutely nothing to do with whether an actor is well known or not. There's been plenty of well-known, famous actors who I thought gave horrible performances. "Famous" most certainly does not automatically equal a good performance!! I've also seen many indie horror projects with completely unknown actors who put in amazing performances!!

I may not be a "terribly sophisticated reviewer", but I'm always honest and write the way I think!! :-)