Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mutt Here

Yes! I got my Li'l Dawg Mutt, custom signed for Tyrannosaurus Mouse by Jim Nickelson.

It's very sweet sounding. And it looks kinda awesome.

Here it is atop my half-loaded cabinet. Unfortunately my Celestion either has a hole in it or there's some extra piece of some shmutz between it and the cabinet. Hopefully I can clean it out.

The Mutt is much louder than I expected. It can certainly get up to ROCK volumes -- even though it has the 5-watt Mercury transformers in it.

It's very smooth sounding with nice compression. At the top of the dial the distortion is very rawk. And you can play with jumping the channels and getting channel-jumping weirdness. There's even a negative feedback on/off switch which adds more possibilities.

There's a lot of touch sensitivity going on with this amp. I put the preamp tubes (an 12AY7 and a 12AX7) in one way when I first got it, and then I swapped them another way. I think I like them better "another way" rather than one way. But I can flip them back and forth as much as I like.

The volume knob(s) is/are almost just a complicated tone control. I love how they're not even labeled. Especially because when you turn the second volume control all the way up it loads down the first channel and the volume goes down. Yes! Now that's a set of controls to fiddle with! ;-)

I'm playing relatively quietly here because of the speaker buzz. I'm going to try to get that fixed up and do some more tests. Soon.
<a href="">Mutt Test 1 by Tyrannosaurus Mouse</a>


Daddy Dave said...

You are a gay.

Andrew Bellware said...

This from someone who calls himself "Daddy Dave"? Uh, OK Mr. Leather.