Friday, April 23, 2010

Pushkin Sick

Pushkin hasn't been feeling well. Unfortunately the drugs he was on didn't do that much. Fortunately he feels better than he was a couple months ago. My parents describe him as "depressed", which is actually a pretty good, albeit anthropomorphic, way of describing him.

Luckily he's eating well and actually gained some weight -- he's always weighed a slender 7.5 lbs and went down to 6.5 lbs. But now he's up to just a bit over 7.

Yet still he seems down.

So we took him to the vet again today and $139 later got him some analgesics which might help him if arthritis is his problem. But the vet isn't sure. She thinks he might be in the very early stages of having liver issues but that would be very early stages. In short, nobody really knows.

So we'll give him drugs for a couple weeks and see how that goes. We're done trying to give him pills, that just doesn't work. So his new drugs are a thing we push into his mouth ("under his tongue" - ha!) with a syringe and some stuff we put on his food (which means Meydl will inevitably have some too.)

Here he is in the sun. And then he's looking very strange due to the fisheye quality of the iPhone's camera. And lastly he's creeping up on the little orange freak machine.

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