Saturday, April 24, 2010

Today's Amusements

via Bandcamp, and looking at artists without Roman characters in their names, found L'olam Vaed -- apparently an Israeli ambient (dark) artist. Songs have titles like "I'm as Black as the Candle I Lit for You." The album is free.

Carlton guitars in Australia has a bunch of sound clips of Li'l Dawg amps.

Finally this morning I got to open up my new Mutt amplifier as loud as it would go for a couple tests. Unfortunately my dumb (as I got it used, and it was cheap) Celestion Alnico Blue was still giving me some trouble with buzzing. So this is mostly a cleanish-sound from the amp because the louder it's played the more buzzy the speaker is. You can hear some rubbing of the solder against the cone. I blame my bad playing on the frustration of hearing that buzz.

<a href="">Mutt Test 2 by Tyrannosaurus Mouse</a>

But a couple dabs of rubber cement do a boy good. Now I can open up the amp to the "RAWK" setting. But even in my Whisperroom it's way too loud if there's a rehearsal or show upstairs in the theater. I'm going to have to play early in the morning before anyone arrives (or after the theater is closed) when I want to record the guitar this loud.

<a href="">Mutt Test 3 by Tyrannosaurus Mouse</a>

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