Monday, April 05, 2010

Right Now

Twitter is overloaded so they don't get any more haikus from me. And you're asking yourself: "What's the best thing on the Internet today?"

It's this:

Scarface. Performed by children. You're welcome.

Fudge you.


David said...

Holy frakkin' hell...That's amazing. So amazing. Wow. Thank you.

Good to chat with you today re: Day Two, Earthkiller, and all things awesome. Airbrush my ass and life will be perfect.

David Lee said...

So sad...

So awesome...

Andrew Bellware said...

I'd be calling up my local school district demanding to know where I can get tickets!

But instead they're doing the Diary of Anne Frank. Meh. Of course there's ultimately a lot more violence in Anne Frank but less cursing.

Fudge it.