Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Suchly

Are you overcome with an intense desire to take apart your HVX200 Panasonic HD camera? There are pics here on how to do it. My HVX had one of these flex cable failures just as soon as I'd sold it to Blair. The camera took a poo on Blair's first shoot with it. Makes me feel very bad. Camera will go to Abel Cine Tech to get fixed. Camera will get a firm talking to by me.

Our domestic distributor is trapped in Europe by an Icelandic volcano. The volcano is probably revenge for the British freezing the assets of Icelandic banks.

I went to Hulit's Shoes in Princeton. I have to say, the customer service was exemplary. I think it was Dave who helped. Worth going to Princeton to buy shoes, that's for sure.

I just realized we have a street date of August 10th for Clonehunter.

Lastly here's a French sci-fi short. Via SF Signal. It's from these dudes. I don't know French but it's not terribly important to understand the language.

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