Friday, April 23, 2010

Conversation Du Jour

They: Yo, whassup? Is this your new amplifier?
We: Yeah.
It looks very retro.
I know, cool right?
OK, I don't care about amplifiers. What's going on with Theatresource?
Nothing much.
I know, right? It's a Saturday afternoon and it's about as dead as it was on Monday mornings ten years ago.
It's because you aren't here.
Yeah well, I'm just sick and tired of the BS.
Well, but that's the problem. That's why I'm the only founding member who's still here. Nobody else is willing to stay.
There are a couple of us on the board though.
Well, they're here, right? Like most days? Oh man, really?
I'm here most days.
So what's going on with the Writer's Forum? What's going on?
Nothing really. There's some in-fighting over the Writer's Forum still happening at the Board level.
Why, because redacted and redacted don't want want the Writer's Forum? Why, because they're jealous of it?
Yeah, basically Theatresource got a grant from the State for $8000 a year for three years in order to support the Writer's Forum because it's such a good idea but there are enough people on the Board who are against it because it was Jim's* baby that they just throw a spanner into the works for spite.
What? Even though there's all that money coming in -- even before selling any tickets?
That's exactly the reason. Everything about it was successful. It makes them look bad.
Remind me of the Principles of Theatresource.
Generosity of Spirit, Share your Information, Principals Before Personalities, Clean Up After Yourself.
So let's see, they're being bitter and petty; they're keeping everyone out of the loop; they're jealous of the previous administration so they're sabotaging the place; and they came in here, took a big dump on the floor, and are waiting for other people to clean it up.
Four for four.
Battin' a thousand. That's a pretty good record.

*The old Artistic Director

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