Friday, April 02, 2010

The Lunatics Are in My Head

I'm counting 126 actor days on Earthkiller. Considering there are days with 9 alien zombies on set, that's not too terrible. And considering that there's 19 days of shooting it ain't too bad either.

I'd love to find a couple free sets in New York though. If we figure that it costs ten bucks to ship someone out to Metuchen to shoot, our transportation budget (for actors, not counting crew) is twelve hundred bucks. Can we find a location for a month for less than twelve hundred bucks inside the MTA's jurisdiction? Not really.
More videos from the brilliant John Saterineross.

The Austin Lounge Lizards do "Brain Damage".

The Queen of Mars originally told me about this "mashup" of a movie poster in her subway station, but I never actually saw it. Luckily she found this picture and sent it to me. Cookie monster noms the Titans...

My spam lately has given up on trying to get me a new mortgage or breast implants and has now moved to trying to find me a Russian wife. It's like my spam knows me.

I hope she doesn't mind if Cyrillic just makes me tired.

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