Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Also Doing

As far as I can figure, this whole "credit score" thing the credit agencies have is a new made-up thing that they can charge you money to see. And they created it when the Federal government told them that people have a right to see their credit reports for free. Created for the purpose of having one more thing to rock you for. As far as I can figure.

Just because we're wrapping up on post-production of The Prometheus Trap doesn't mean we're not also working on post for Dragon Girl.

Nathan Vegdahl modifying the Sintel dragon with white teeth...

And with black teeth.
OK, so I'm watching the Felicia Day episode of Supernatural and it's like the music is from a completely different TV show. I must have seen two episodes where something had gone very seriously wrong with the music licensing. Because this show had vastly better incidental music in it.
Sarah-Doe Osborne insisted on a second credit as "Slatrix" on The Prometheus Trap.

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