Wednesday, May 09, 2012

How is it Wednesday?

So. Then. Therefore.
Bill Cunningham cracks me up with his Tweet: "Want to learn the movie business? Make a movie and try to sell it."
Blender has gone crazy with high-end usefulness. There's liquid particle effects and all kinds of non-stop fun. Check out BlenderDiplom for tutorials. We're putting up all our custom CG models on Blendswap.
Creative Commons is... well it just makes me feel good. And we're a commercial house! But it's no skin off our... teeth... to put models and sound effects (on Blendswap and Freesound) into CC. And we use other people's CC models and sound effects all the time. So why not?

And yes, this is the cat which Ramsey was below: And furthermore.
I thought this book would be interesting. Alternate-history of New York in 1962 when vampires roam the Earth and the US is still colonized by the British.

But the joke is that the one copy Amazon has is $132. Ha! I guess that means the book isn't out yet. ;-)

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