Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tips, Too, Steel

Today's script tip from Drew. Eliminate the word "Apparently" from any dialog in your screenplay. I'm a serial abuser of this rule myself, so I should know better. But so should you. Just do a search for the words "apparently" and "seemingly" and cut them out. Trust me, you'll be happier.

Plus, also, too. I can't say it enough times. Get the microphone close enough!
Actually, there's too much room sound in this video even with the boom mic for my taste. But the point is taken. Get. The microphone. Close. Enough.
Man, oh, man. Dig these fake rusted metal panels -- made with foam board. They are awesome with awesome sauce.


Aric Blue said...

More advice to screenwriters. Remove "just" and "begins to", and if you have WE SEE in your script, that should probably go too.

Andrew Bellware said...

In the book Crafty Screenwriting, Alex Epstein has a much better way of writing "we see". Instead of "We see feet running down the hall" you write:

FEET -- running down the hall.

It reads better and doesn't annoy anybody. And it'll probably get you your closeup!