Saturday, May 19, 2012


My parents need a printer. It needs to be a network printer. It needs to be a cheap printer. It needs to NOT require us to replace $50 of ink or toner every six months. So I'm thinking a laser printer. They would like a scanner too — but scanner/network/laser adds a few hundred dollars to the price.


Allan Mackey said...

Maybe it's 'cuz I'm from wacky old Canada, but my printer/scanner/fax/copier cost $99 (which I define as cheap) and I pay like $12 to refill my ink cartridge at any of a hundred mall kiosks. (New, my cartridge cost $20.)

It's HP Office Jet 4500.

Andrew Bellware said...

I know of a place which used to refill ink cartridges. The big question for me is: where are my parents going to actually go to get refills.
But I know this Office Jet 4500. It's a pretty nice printer.

Chance Shirley said...

All printers suck. Inkjets suck the mostest. Get 'em a laser if at all possible.

Joe Falcon said...

Officejets are inkjet printers. A good BW Laserjet shouldn't run you much, but look for capacity and multitrays if they have to switch from forms or envelopes.

Andrew Bellware said...

If they don't behave I'm gonna get them a manual typewriter and tell 'em to suck it up! ;-)

I went and ordered an Epson wireless inkjet. And they will complain about it. Shouldn't my nephew be the one who does their tech support?