Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Headline Shirts

So Headline Shirts is giving away a free T-shirt to whomever I dictate has won a contest on this blog.

The power. It goes to my head.

You could win a shirt that looks like this:
 Or this:
 Or this:
 Or even this (which is the shirt I'm wearing right now).
Headline's shirts are fantastically comfortable. I mean really. They're so soft. And I desperately need a new Vitruvian Rock shirt as I ordered one slightly too small and nobody wants to see that.

So even if you do happen to win a shirt, you'll have to buy more here: http://www.headlineshirts.net/
Headline Shirts Facebook

Plus, also, too, get a $5 off coupon when you sign-up for their newsletter: https://www.facebook.com/headlineshirts?sk=app_133697453315011
And Headline Shirts twitter: @headlineshirts

OK, so what is the contest? In the comments insert the correct word:
"If you got a vodka infused with Drew's favorite thing, it would be ____ flavored."

The first person to answer correctly, whom I choose arbitrarily and without regard to any particular laws, and who has an actual email address to which I can send the code (good for one T-shirt and shipping) wins!


Laura, Queen of Mars said...

Shark attack.

Andrew Bellware said...

"Shark Attack Vodka", while a brilliant marketing campaign for a new vodka brand, is not the correct flavor.
Thanks for playing, make sure you take a home game on your way out.

Lindsay Stewart said...


Andrew Bellware said...

Ha! "Complimentary" is good. Actually in this case "slimming" might be better. But it's not the correct vodka flavor. Sorry! ;-)

Joe Falcon said...

Bunny Flavored Vodka

I stumbled across it a few days ago looking for a link.

What the hell is that suppose to taste like anyway.


Andrew Bellware said...

We have a winner! Congratulations Joe, and welcome to the new and exciting world of Headline Tees!

Andrew Bellware said...

Joe Falcone -- I need your email address to give to Headline so you can get your shirt. I'm andrew at pandoramachine dot com.
Thanks for playing!

Chance Shirley said...

Late reply, but I would have guessed naked-girl-flavored.

Andrew Bellware said...

Ooh. Good guess.