Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 7 - We wrap

Today we wrapped on principal photography on The Prometheus Trap.
We ran late. Call at Penn Station was 11am and we got everyone on the 8:37pm train back to New York. We had just missed the 7:37pm train so we kinda hung out for a while. But we did shoot a punchlist of things which Rebecca Kush had asked for. And that was in addition to everything else that had been normally scheduled for the day.
Andrew Langton and Rebecca Kush in the grim cryo-sleep of The Venom.

Andrew Langton in vertical cryo.
Rebecca Kush in our super-creepy cryo chamber. The Queen of Mars built, art-directed, and lit this.
 Do we still have things left to shoot? Probably some inserts but not a whole lot.
This shot was Rebecca's idea. Our haze machine is being repaired so this shot was with a fog machine. 

Michael Shattner getting his Facebook shot on.

Gratuitous silhouette. 

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