Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Some scumcicle broke into my eBay account. eBay sent me an email saying that my email address was changed. But I was able to get into my account and change the password. Then I changed the password on my gmail account. Sheesh.
I even called eBay to tell them that some bucket 'o garbage had broken into my account. It seems that all they did was "watch" some way overpriced stuff -- a couple sets of coins and some four thousand dollar Leica lens. Of course, looking at the absurd things I really was watching — some Gibson SG bodies and empty guitar cabinets — made me think "Well, maybe I look at absurd things."
But I'm so not interested in coins I can't even tell you.
They changed the address to some Hotmail account. So I called eBay customer service (you can actually do that if you have reason to suspect your account is used for fraud — which a change in email addresses will do.) They said they'd put a flag on my account in case anything more weird happens.
We're looking at you, eBay scammers.

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