Sunday, May 06, 2012

Pizza is Better

Ramsey Scott is a better person than we deserve.
Thanks to Ramsey we got a nice Italian lunch. It went like this: finally, Ramsey Scott complained about us always eating Chinese food (after all, we did five days of shooting on Chinese food). So Ramsey insisted on pizza. This meant that today was Italian day. Actually, the pasta and salads were pretty good.
Ramsey is simply saving us from ourselves. And for that we thank him.
Ramsey also took these pictures.
James Becton
James tried as hard as he could to wear these socks. Note that although he's wearing David Ian Lee's hat from Android Insurrection, he doesn't actually wear a hat in this movie.
Andrew Bellware
But then once we had lunch I suppose everyone collapsed. Well, at least the photographic evidence indicates that I collapsed. You might think I was setting up a shot here. Nonsense. I'm just napping on the comfy grating.


Ramsey said...

To be fair, the Italian family Sunday dinner happened because as soon as we got on the train, JB told Laura it had to be a pizza day. Nothing to do with me. I simply had a mental breakdown in response to Laura's concerned and outrageously hypocritical statement, "I don't want to impose pizza on anyone." [emphasis mine]

I don't deserve anyone's gratitude for the delicious salad.

Andrew Bellware said...

Ramsey, you deserve everything! For everything!
Imposing pizza amuses me greatly. ;-)

Laura, Queen of Mars said...'s actually Metuchen that imposes Chinese food on us!

Aric Blue said...

How do you have time to make a movie and post all these blog posts? I don't have time to do EITHER!

Andrew Bellware said...

I spend as little time on set as possible. Call-time on set was noon and we got everyone on the 7:09pm train.
Clearly, I don't copy-edit my blog posts.
I don't have kids.
I've cloned myself. Right now you're talking to the blogging clone.