Thursday, May 03, 2012

Chairs With Wheels

I've seen all of John Scalzi's top sci-fi movies you probably haven't seen except for one — whatever that Buck Rogers thing is.
Ato Essandoh is on the NYC Actor podcast. Angela Dee interviews him. He explains that he has a chemical engineering degree from Cornell. Ato used to be one of the regulars — all men — in the morning at Theatresource. Wow, that was over 10 years ago. Whenever he showed up in a suit I'd say "Lawyer or FBI agent?" because suits would be audition-wear for either of those roles.
"People apologize for being actors... and that's awful... Never apologize for being an artist, never apologize for being an actor ever."

John Bruno discusses his policy of not taking lunch. Except for the bit about complaining about my hair, my one diva thing is that I like to take a half-hour lunch with the cast and crew. I also insist on a comfy chair at lunch because it's the only part of the day I get to sit down. I mean except for those times I claim a "director's chair" to shoot from. It's usually a chair with wheels...

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