Thursday, March 29, 2012


I've always said "Interns aren't worth what you don't pay them." And after I'm done with my wry, ironic laugh and turn back to the water cooler, I fall through the floor because an intern left the trap door open (again.)
Plus, you know, interns are basically not actually legal. I mean usually. In any case, here's ways to keep from getting smacked by the government for not paying your workers interns.
The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences is a Phoenix, AZ school which seems to have a focus on film post-production sound. Which is actually a good way to make sure your graduates get jobs.

But speaking of the water cooler (remember when I was doing that?):
The worst thing to have ever happened. It happened. We ran out of Poland Spring here in the office. I've yet to make inquiry regarding the permanence of this impoverished existence we all now lead. As a stopgap I filled my water bottle with tap water before putting it in the SodaStream.
I think I taste the placebo effect.

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