Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Things I Go Through

Tattoos are so ubiquitus nowadays that it seems exotic not to have one. Here's a NSFW video featuring the abuse of a perfectly decent Fender guitar.

'030' by The Good The Bad (UNCUT) from The Good The Bad on Vimeo.

For the purposes of making my life easier, Final Cut Pro has decided that it won't hang onto a prerender of Act 1 if it gets restarted. It'll just lose the render files. For that matter, it'll "redline" the first act if we make an edit anywhere on the timeline. So I can't prerender act 1. Good times. Time to restart the computer.
I sound particularly drunk on the commentary track. I have a feeling that Libby was reducing my alcohol intake by putting more juice in my drink toward the end.
Has anybody else noticed that I was supposed to have gotten the movie out the door today and that's it's 9pm and it's not completely rendered? My distributor has.


Lindsay Stewart said...

fender? dat be a framus. guitar pedantry ftw!

Andrew Bellware said...

Ah, yes. You are very right. Now it's OK to throw it around. ;-)