Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Space Helmets

Anthony Jones painted the helmet.
 The color is even more interesting than I thought it would be.
 The visors retain a stunning amount of visibility. So much so that I've thought that maybe we won't have to put a light inside to light the faces.
 But we will light from the inside because most of the light we'll see will be coming off of the actors anyway.
Plus, lighting from within will reduce our problems with reflections.
These are the most awesome space helmets ever.


Kangas said...

Definitely pretty cool. Looks like some of them old 20,000 leagues under the sea helmets.

joe said...

these are awesome!

Chance Shirley said...

Totally badass. And definitely put some lights inside.

Andrew Bellware said...

We're going to smack some little LED lights inside there.

Unknown said...

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