Thursday, March 01, 2012


Every day I think "Today is the day I'm going to finish Android Insurrection." And every day I get a hoof to my face.
The audio to Day 2 got kicked back again. And there are some problems with the audio. But the biggest problems are where the actor moves his mouth like he's going to say something and doesn't. The lab kicks that back as "missing dialog". Sigh.
Also it seems that the bar keeps rising for us. I think that as our visual effects get better we're expected to deliver higher and higher quality audio tracks. Not that our audio has been really all that terrible... I mean except in a few scenes... it's just that it gets looked at more closely.
So we're re-rendering the entire picture. Which means it needs to get re-rendered again after that. We made a couple picture changes to look away from characters who don't have awesome sync. And I've ADR'ed some whispers and grunts. Yo. Mah inkredibble acktin skillz. Yo.

Lobot is one of my favorite characters.
Via Chance -- ever Michael Bay movie in under a minute.

Also, Pixar screenwriting notes.
The lovely Betty Ouyang is in the International Family Film Festival with Piehead.

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