Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Job

My new computer, Artemis, is vastly quieter now. I put in this Noctua cooler. So far the CPU hovers around or under 40 degrees Centigrade.
I'd pay $50/month for Adobe Creative Cloud. Heck, I'd pay $50/month for all of the Waves plugins. I mean, I wish that each one were half that price. But I'm a fan of non-big capital expenditures. Yeah. $25/month. That's what the price should be. I make up the prices. So I know.
Apparently my job requirements have changed drastically. Up until Day 2, it was "Get the visual effects looking good." Now it's "make the movie sound like a million dollars."
And that is, you know, a little bit embarrassing to me because supposedly I actually know something about sound.
What I'd like to think is that we've finally stepped up our movies to the realm where the buyers are used to dealing with multi-million-dollar pictures and expect everything about our movies to be the same.

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