Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Messing Up

So I ordered this part from Platinum Micro and I realized I got the wrong mounting hardware. I mean I ordered the wrong one.

But it's less than ten bucks to get the correct hardware with free shipping. Actually, will send you the right hardware if you can prove you bought one of their coolers and an LGA 2011 chip. Which I can do.

The other big dumb thing I did? Stick an SD card into an XD slot. And now it's stuck in there. Derp.

Hopefully the thing I did not mess up was the third delivery of Day 2. Here's hoping.
Kate Britton has a new website up.


Lindsay Stewart said...

and with but a link i brought the mighty pandora machine to a standstill...

Andrew Bellware said...

You brought it to a standstill, but only for about 45-minutes.