Saturday, March 10, 2012

Theatresource Doesn't Even Bother

So wait, you're still ticked off about Theatresource?
Most people go through a number of stages -- you know, anger, bargaining, etc., until they finally reach "acceptance"?
Do you have any idea what those destructive idiots on the Board have done?
Well, yeah, they closed Theatresource and are operating "virtually".
They're not even bothering to do that.
How do you mean?
You know that newsletter that used to come out every week?
The one that had audition notices, job notices, upcoming shows, and rooms for rent? The one that was a key part of our community keeping people informed even when they were away from the space?
There have been maybe two of those since the Source closed.
Well at least it's still a valuable resource for the theater community.
They listed a show.
Hmm... I guess you could just do that on Facebook.
Yep. Theatresource. Now something you can just do on Facebook.

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