Thursday, March 01, 2012

Things We Have Learned

We've learned some interesting things of late. And we learned them the hard way. But we did learn them.

Although the bulk of our sales are overseas, the English mix is the most important thing to the overseas buyers. For the last 10 years my biggest concern has been making good music and effects tracks for overseas distributors to dub their actors over. And that's still important. But that English mix is what they, and most of their customers, listen to. They've become very discerning about their English mix.

This is kinda a big freakin' deal. Because I feel like this is a bit of a sea change in the industry. A number of markets have traditionally been English-language (The Netherlands, for instance, tends to not dub movies -- they just subtitle them). I think much of this comes from the cultural importance of the language and how people relate to movies in other languages, etc.

But my question here is: can I start delivering 24-bit files? Does anybody care if the audio files are 16-bit or 24-bit? What is love? Why is there so much hate, and yet so much beauty, in the world?

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