Thursday, March 01, 2012

Working 'till 3am again

Our sometimes trailer editor Jeff Alley edits more than just trailers. Oh yeah. He's doing a whole lotta TV. Check out his reel:

Jeff Alley Editor Reality TV Compilation Reel 2012 from Jeff Alley on Vimeo.
Why is is that when you're in an absolute panic to get stuff done does nothing freaking work? There are probably some reasons for that.
One is that you're working on the whole project -- using up the most data.
Well now I have a whole act which simply refused to render out. Audio. Can't render out 6 channels of audio. It just creates "empty" files. No idea why. Pththth. OK, put all audio in a new project. There. That seems to work.
The picture editing machine just crashes when it runs into a plugin it doesn't like. Beauty Box is usually the biggest culprit there. Even with all that RAM and the new fancy video card we still have to render in 8-bit in Final Cut Pro. OK, I'll just put edits on top of the fully-rendered version. Perlah.
How much longer 'till we abandon FCP? Probably this year.
Speaking of getting computers to work better, here are tweaks for Windows 7 64-bit to try to get it to work better for you. I turned off paging file on my C: drive. Does that work better? I have no idea.

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