Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mars Hates Audiences

I really wish that people wanted to see more movies with the word Mars in the title. Honestly, Total Recall is actually the best of all these movies (almost as good as Interplanetary).
Why should you listen to me when it comes to "how to mix a film"? Why indeed, when I've had my movies kicked back in my face for remixes and you haven't?
Uh. That's a pretty good question, honestly. That would be like someone on the Board of Directors of a theater that had to close -- because they couldn't bring in money to cover expenses -- giving a seminar on asking people for money.
Of course, what I may have to say is admittedly a result of my failure and what I've learned from it.
Learning Number One:
The sound job has to sound like a big-budget full sound mix.
See the trick is here that ironically stuff that might fly on a huge-budget in-theaters feature film will not work on your low-budget picture. This is because the buyers are being very wary of the fact that they're buying a low-budget movie. So that idea you have about letting a scene just play with music and no Foley? Ha! Scrap that idea.
And really, I did know that. I can even prove it with our Wiki. That doesn't mean I've always successfully done it.
But here in the Pandora Machine we're cleaning up our post-production process in order to get movies out the door better.

Hey -- here's something I need to write down about setting up a PC for audio editing:
Power settings: high performance

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