Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Absurdity

Wow, we actually had bookings on the calendar at Theatresource all the way 'till May. Aren't you excited about Pandora Machine moving to TriBeCa next week so you don't have to hear me talk about this? I mean, this is worse than my endless guitar case discussions.
Here's my favorite new absurdity: an email was circulated today looking for volunteers to help clean out the theater on Sunday the 18th and to take down the grid. I have no idea where they're planning to put all the pipe or how they intend to transport it, but it gave us all a good laugh.
Google Voice isn't quite doing what I want. But hopefully soon it will. Soon. It will.
Vinnie Marano found the 12-year-old Scotch that Mitchell had left in our office. I was going to drink it when we moved in to the new place, but I hadn't realized that it had been opened -- four years ago. So Vinnie blew the dust off the box (dust -- everywhere -- all over my computer, ahem) and we imbibed. Me, I'm feeling a cold coming on so I drank strictly for medicinal reasons.

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