Monday, December 26, 2011


Cats for Gold. That's right, turn your boring old gold into nice shiny new cats.
I finally figured out what I want for Christmas. An Arri L7-C. Gimme. C'mon -- it's like a fully color-timable 1K fresnel. Fully dimmable. Under three thousand bucks. Gimme six of 'em and I'll have a non-stop rock-out party. I could light any feature with that. Even exteriors in the woods at night.
Think of how much money you'll save on not having to replace lamps. Or those trips to the infirmary when you burn your hand from touching the barn doors. You can run four of 'em on a 10-amp circuit. You could put four of them on a cheap power strip!
Tell me I can shoot 2.8 at 1600 ISO and I can shoot anything with those.
Of course the joke will be we'll still have some of those 40-watt chicklet lights too.
Man, I can't wait 'till the price of LED systems plummet.
Is it just me, or did you use to be able to get onto Disapora with your Facebook account? Uh. I don't see that option anymore.


Lindsay Stewart said...

isn't going onto diaspora from your facebook kind of like crapping in the tub because you've just cleaned the terlet?

Andrew Bellware said...

That's a good enough analogy. I just loved the irony that I could use Facebook login so much that I wanted to stay with it!