Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Everything I Saw Told Me That Kurtz Had Gone Insane

So, I actually have one complaint about Apocalypse Now. We don't really see what Chef and Willard see when they get to Kurtz' compound which convinces them he's evil and gone insane (respectively). I wonder if that's because I'm looking at it on a TV. Maybe in the movies the heads and bodies were bigger?
Yeah, there are some heads in the background -- but you don't really notice them 'till Dennis Hopper mentions them.
The man is clear in his mind but his soul is mad.
You know, some of the dialog is way way stilted. But the actors use those otherwise-clumsy turns to act in -- and they use the changes of subject to act like they're thinking about what to say next. It's kind of neat how every single performance in it is as stunning as they are.
From Phillip Drawbridge.
So the Google Voice thing isn't working for me. And I have Vonage at home but I never ever use it. I'm thinking about just buying a number from Skype and leaving it at that. I mean as long as I don't get any more deranged voicemails from David Ian Lee it might work.
"And with a whimper, I'm fucking splitting, Jack!"


Phillip Drawbridge said...

In our memories everything is bigger. It's like how Waggon Wheels shrunk over the years from when we were kids, ask any Brit over 35 and they'll agree.

I have Google Voice. I got it so I can call England for 2c a minute. but I actually use it as my voicemail account, which means I get an email with the voicemail AND a transcription, which are so inaccurate as to be funny. Plus I can reply to text messages in an email. Small things.

Nice picture. If we'd had those in Nam it would have been a different story.

Andrew Bellware said...

I'm not calling overseas very often. For ex-pats and the like things like Skype are life-changers because, you know, you can really talk and SEE your parents/the baby etc. It's pretty exciting.
I do so love the Google Voice transcription. I was one of 18 Americans who had that very popular British transcription service. It was free for a couple years because they could never figure how to price it for the American market. Spelled "color" as "colour" and that sort of thing but much less crazy-time than Google.
Now my Skype and Vonage forward to Google so I get the message in my email. Just because I love the crazy transcriptions.
Um. We DID have those aircraft in 'Nam. And they all went sentient on June 2, 1972 and disappeared into Laos...