Friday, December 30, 2011

How much does it cost to be me?

My rent is 983 a month ($11676)
My utilities are a variety of things -- lets say $50/month including Internet ($600)
My office is 275 a month ($3300)
Can I get a daily stipend? How about per diem? Ha! Seriously, how about $20/day? ($7300)
That's a total of $22,876 a year. Plus taxes. I have plenty o'plans for the use of more money mind you. But that's what I figure my minimum is.
I'm just writing down random words and number here you realize. Nothing to see here. Nothing to understand.

A movie, I've just calculated, thuslike, brings in seemingly on average about 20,000. Just a few years ago I was sayin' that it brought in 24K (and saying it with an honest face). But let's hope these numbers hold and only get better.

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