Saturday, December 10, 2011

For $80,000 I'd expect not only a whole lot of camera, but a general lack of abuse from the manufacturer. Philip Bloom's experience with the Red isn't entirely like that.
For $80K you can rent a whole lot of camera and lenses and hire a 1st AC to babysit it all for you.
I don't get what the whole cult is over 4K shooting. I'd much rather have higher ISO on the camera. Shooting in low-light is very groovy because the "painting" with smaller lights is so much easier (plus shooting night exteriors without lights is, let's face it, awesome.)
The Penelope wants to be a high resolution camera. I wonder if it'll still "purr". I sure hope so. Ooh look, it has a name, the "Delta". I sure wish it would do 1600 ISO.
Either that or we just slap one of those Canon 300's onto an Aaton XTR. Because c'mon. You know you want it.


Kangas said...

You don't know how great 4K is 'cause you ain't had it. It's like, you're the caveman going "What's the big deal with fire? I'd rather have the sun hang out for a half hour longer!"

If you get a chance at 4k, you'll see. It's...beautiful...ohhhhhhhhh

Andrew Bellware said...

Resolution has never really done that much for me, although I do dig being able to re-frame shots and create closeups where one had been in a medium.
Still, if given a choice, I'd rather be able to shoot at 1600 ISO with a 1.4 lens... ;-)