Thursday, December 08, 2011

Our New Home

Across the street is the most amazing Fascist piece of architecture in NYC -- this AT&T building.

This is the door to our building. My skills as a photographer plummeted upon reaching TriBeCa. Maybe I'm just more committed to my art. Yeah, that's it. I'm making art now.
 The building is concrete-chic. It makes us very cool.

When you first walk in -- the top foyer -- movie posters everywhere.
Go down the first set of stairs.
Then you come to this door.
And go down the second set of stairs.
Our office has two doors.
There's really only one right corner in the office. And there's a window there.
There are two brick pillars which are slightly inside the room.

Here you can see how the pillars terminate into concrete blocks.

Here's a closer picture. I guess those are granite blocks.  We'll have to make our desks go around those.

The big question is why do I have this measuring tape clearly labeled with another theater companies name? 

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