Friday, December 23, 2011

This is what I have to put up with.

Meydl will typically sleep on her back. Winston on his belly. Lookit Medyl's sproingy feet.

Look, I can't help myself. Waking up cats is hilarious. I know history will judge me badly. But I can't stop myself.

Harassing cats. It's what I do. I figure that my punishment in the eternal hereafter will be that cats will walk on my head when I try to sleep. Hey, wait a minute...


Penny said...

Those are two of the most ENORMOUS felines not currently roaming the Serengeti.
Perhaps they walk on your head because they're too fat to elegantly step over it?
Seriously, discard the rest of the wildebeest in your fridge and give the kitties some KIBBLE!!! ;-)

Andrew Bellware said...

The joke about the orange cat is that she's quite small but photographs rather large. I mean, she's not svelte by any means but she's still a small cat.
Winston, the black one, is essentially a bowling ball.
But now that you mention it I was kind of wondering who'd taken down that pair of gazelles in the living room...

Penny said...

Hmm... Having established your hierarchy in the world of Entertainment as a Director, I'm obgligated to suck up politely.

Your orange cat Meydl is lovely.

Paws up to Winston for OWNING IT :)


Andrew Bellware said...

She's fat!
Meydl likes to lounge in her pudginess, feet in air, "rub my belly" look on her face. Winston lies around like a pool of black ink and then intermittently decides he simply MUST bonk his head into you while purring so loud you think the AC just kicked on.
Lying down, Meydl has more of an odalisque thing going. So she owns it... in a different way. ;-)
These cats are both rescues. My parents did an awesome job of introducing them to one another. They've only known each other for about a year.

Penny said...

Props to you for the rescue, Andrew. Miss Pretty and I have been together for 16 years after her rescue. My parents Skyped with me the other day and noted Pretty's behaviour in the background. Mom said I should have named her "Cleopatra".


Wonder where I can buy a tiny asp headpiece... :D

Penny said...

p.s. "Sproingy" is an excellent word! :)

Andrew Bellware said...

I think Meydl would hold an asp to her breast -- and then eat it. She's a fierce little hunter! ;-)
Rescue animals are amazing. But all the props go to my parents for doing such a great job introducing the cats to one another. They act like they grew up together.
You need to put up more pictures of Miss Pretty!