Friday, December 09, 2011

Why I'm Annoyed

The Board of Directors at Theatresource are stunningly blase about shutting down the theater.
The President, Courtney Birnbaum, just came into my studio.

Me: "Why are you destroying my theater?"
She throws up her hands.
CB: "We don't have any money."
Me: "We never have any money."
CB: "Well you know that better than most people."
Me: "So why didn't you step aside to let someone else run it?"
CB: "Nobody stepped up to do that."
Me: "You never gave anyone a chance to step up before you scuttled it."
CB: "Well we'll just have to disagree on that."
Me: "No we don't. Get out of my office."

And these people are wondering why I'm annoyed. They destroyed my theater and I'm supposed to be friends with them? No, I'm going to move on to work with people who aren't destroying things but instead are creating things.

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