Sunday, August 16, 2009

Banned by Bunny Butt

Lost in Schlock h/t's me!

I thought I would set up my Twitter to take a feed from my blog and for Facebook to import my blog via "notes". Both those things worked but as my blog is not safe for work I figured Facebook would just close down my account if I maintained the feed. I have no idea. And no way to find out. I don't want this bunny butt to get me banned.

Greybeard seems to have the best Blender 3D tutorials.

I would have been at a Save the Cat seminar this weekend. I was really looking forward to it. So in honor of Blake's passing I bought another copy of the book (yep, I gave away another copy) and am studying it again. I need to get to Staples to get some Avery business cards so I can print out my "board".

And it turns out that the thing people seem to like the most from Maxon (the makers of Cinema 4D) is their Bodypaint 3D application. Perhaps that will be the easiest way for me to texture our city?


Nat said...

Don't ask why, but I just did a Google image search for "bunny butt" and your goddamned website was, like, the first or second result. Mission accomplished, Drew.

Andrew Bellware said...

I have won the entire Internet!

Nat said...

Now, clean it up!

Andrew Bellware said...

I like it just the way it is.