Monday, August 03, 2009

Moar Muzik

So I'm watching the end title credit sequence to the movie Orphan (don't ask) and I think "Ooh. That's a nice bass line. I will steal it and have a real bass player play it (Ethan) with my fake band (Pleasure for the Empire)." Then I think "But how will I ever remember it?"
I figure there has to be an online notation program. And there is. Noteflight.

And no, I wouldn't notate it that way myself. I wouldn't put two dotted figures in a row just because it's somewhat annoying to read. I would have used sixteenth notes and ties instead. Wow. I used to know this stuff. Unlike riding a bicycle, you can really forget how to sight read. Not that I could ever sight read score anyway...

Update: oh, the score doesn't show up in Google Reader. So you probably have to open a new window if you're using a news reader.

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