Thursday, August 06, 2009

Space and Music

Today I DP'ed a music video for Mitchell. We shot with three D90 cameras. No on-set crew except for the two additional camera operators. I learned many things.

  • The "jellocam" of the D90 is irritating.
  • Other than that, the image can be beautiful (stills forthcoming).
  • Really? I have to point the camera at something dark to get the image brighter? And something bright to get the image darker? Ugh.
  • Oh, and I can shoot for 5 minutes at most? After doing a few 4-minute takes in a row I start to get less and less time? Eef!
  • I hate it when you're late to a shoot.
  • I hate it even more when you make me late.
  • Watching Mitchell and Catie direct is like a master class.
  • No matter how ridiculous a suggestion I made, it would still be taken up as "Yes, let's do that..."

The brilliant Chance Shirley gets another awesome review for his perfect spaceploitation pic, Interplanetary.

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Chance Shirley said...

"Spaceploitation." I love it!