Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Dude. This is awesome. A ghostwriter. For $5000 a month! Sure, that's 5/8ths of our budget for a typical picture but still.

You know, practically every indy feature I ever worked on could have used someone like this. Ha! (Practically? I'm trying to think of a single indy feature I was a hired hand on which didn't have huge script problems. I don't think any of them were in good shape before we went into production.)

I feel like the scripts we've been producing have been in pretty good shape since Solar Vengeance. (I'd do some re-writes on our first two movies "Pandora Machine" and "Millennium Crisis" if I were to do them over again.)

You know what else is awesome? Alabama. Riots, family feuds, oh they have it all! C'mon Alabama, don't take the news away from Jersey City!

I have about half of what I was supposed to do yesterday done by the middle of today.

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