Friday, August 21, 2009

Whale Wars

Am I the only person who roots for the whalers?

They certainly can't be more smug, insufferable, or racist than the ass monkeys on the Steve Irwin.

And I like whales.

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Jon Molly said...

No, now that you mention it. No, you are not. Every time I watch that show I get to thinking about the children of the whalers, thier hopeful faces as he returns home after a long tour on the ship. I imagine that hope turning to ash as he explains that they can't buy Mommy the medicine she needs because he didn't make his quota. That there won't be a Christmas in that house again because some hippies kept them from getting that one last whale. Those poor kids.

Kinda sucks when you aren't a fanatic that's blind to the complexity of the world, ain't it?