Sunday, August 23, 2009

Marijuana Erotica

Our old friends at The Asylum have made a new movie called Sex Pot. It's a reefer picture, which they also provide with 3D glasses so you can watch the "3-DDD" version. As a concept, it's kind of perfect -- sex, pot. I get it.

What I don't get is where the dramatic tension is going to be. I think they were about to tell me in the trailer, but just like The Asylum tends to do, I couldn't hear the critical part of the dialog where they tell me the problem. You have to set up what these two guys are up against, otherwise there's no drama (and you have to have that even in a comedy.)

The fanworld gives the Asylum a lot of flack but those guys at the Asylum have managed to distribute art-house pictures, make a slew of horror pictures, a couple sci-fi pics, and even stretch out into musicals and... well... reefer pictures.

The best picture they ever released though was Hide and Creep -- Chance Shirley's movie.

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