Friday, August 07, 2009

Cinderella Falling

Shot a music video yesterday, I DP'ed, Mitchell Riggs was the director. The lovely and talented Christine McKenna played Cinderella.

Here's an artsy-fartsy image shooting the "party" through wine glasses.

And here's a picture of Mitchell. I like to tease him because he's the only successful actor/director/producer I know who would really really like to be a grip. ;-)

I like to go Vermeer. Well really we have no lights which will compete with the fiery globe of energy in the sky so we just go Vermeer.

These shots are taken from the first roll on the camera I used most of the day. Mitchell gave me back this SD card presuming it must be Blair's. It must be Blair's (I was using his camera and cards most of the day). I wonder if Mitchell actually transferred this footage to his own computer? If not, I made a copy.

We got to shoot a rooster at the beginning of the day. I think the rooster's name was "Bob". Maybe he was named that because of what his head does. Ha! I made a funny...

We shot at a castle in Tarrytown NY. They have a whole lion theme going on. Here are some drooling lions. Note that all these stills are screen captured from the Windows Media Player from the original .avi's from Nikon D90's. Most of the better shots come from my Nikon manual 85mm lens although some are obviously from the 35mm lens. Both lenses are f1.4 and they were typically open all the way. The D90 has it's own ideas about exposure (even when a manual lens is attached) so the shutter (as you can see from the pick of the lion fountain) can be very fast or very slow and I have no say about it.

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